Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation in Thailand

I love to travel, who doesn’t? With all the new experiences, you’re only ever going to grow exponentially. One of my favourite places to travel too is Thailand. My wife and I have been there six times over the last ten years and we’re planning on going back very shortly.

After half a dozen visits, we’ve got to be pretty savvy with how to find accommodation out there. Whether it’s through local travel agents in our home town or through actually being in Thailand and getting to know the best places to be from the locals.

Truly though, the best booking tool I’ve ever used is trivago. I found accommodation here for my last holiday and will use them again and again. I only regret that we didn’t find them sooner. The user face is simple to use and works as you’d expect it would. You can easily see prices and set a search radius as well as setting dates.

One of my favourite features of the website though is that you can book flights through them too. But it won’t just show you the dates of the days you’ve picked, but days either side of it too. Meaning that, if you are flexible with the dates, you can pick the cheapest days to fly. All without having to re-enter any information.

The reviews are also a great feature of the site, and perhaps one of the most important. They allow you to see what real people have got to say about the place you want to book. Not just some fancy sales script from a travel agent trying to get their commision. But real people, who have been there and experienced what it is that you’re about to experience.

They are usually the best way to understand what it is that you’re about to buy, whether it’s a book, or a luxury villa, you should always read the reviews.

Choosing A Koh Samui Villa For Your Holiday

Tourists can have a blast in the Koh Samui Island. There are a lot of man-made and natural attractions that attracts any kind of traveller. Most of the visitors are attracted by the religious imagery and the splendid tropical islands. To enjoy the beaches, the forests and other recreational places, one need to get a good place to stay and relax. The best part is that there are many private villas available on the island that are luxurious and offers the comfort for relaxation.

Top-Class Facilities

A Koh Samui Villa offers facilities that satisfy all the different types of travellers. As there is a wide variety of villas for selection, people usually select private villas over hotels or resorts. There are villas that have up to eight bedrooms to accommodate a huge group and as small as one-bedroom for a single person. In addition, there are well-furnished living areas, a fully-equipped kitchen and a luxurious bathroom. In many luxurious villas, there are private swimming pools, Jacuzzi and landscaped tropical gardens. Some even have a tennis court to entertain their guests!

Superior Staff

One of the main reasons to go to a place like Koh Samui is to relax and enjoy some time away from busy schedules. Only in private villas do we find such comfort and relaxation and a place from which we can enjoy nature’s tranquillity. Private Villas have dedicated staffs to serve the guests better. These staffs include cleaners, gardeners, drivers, chefs and much more. There is a manager who helps the guests to plan their holiday.


The charming Koh Samui villas are located at various locations. People can select the right place according to their choice. For people who want to enjoy the holiday in a resort-like atmosphere, they can choose a villa near the beaches, bars and restaurants. But if people want more privacy, they can select a villa that is tucked away from the busy life.