Get A Vietnam Visa Today

Vietnam is a beautiful country that has beauty in abundance. There are many places a tourist can see and enjoy. Here is a list of the top attractions one must not miss while visiting Vietnam. If you are travelling from the US, ensure you have a valid US citizen Vietnam visa and then get on that plane.

Places To Visit

  • Phong Nha And Tien Son Caves

This is a world heritage site and can simply not be missed. Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to this natural beauty.

  • Ho Chi Minh

This city is simply beautiful and one must take a tour of this beautiful little place. Check out the Cu Chi tunnels, which are famous for their underground network or travel channels that were built by the Vietnam army. When you go to visit this tunnel, there are many other attractions around too. Once you are back to broad daylight, you can see many other attractions on your route to the tunnels. Notre Dame Cathedral is world famous and you are bound to see more tourists than locals, in this church at all times.

  • Hanoi – One of the most beautiful cities in this country can be explored to your heart’s content when you spend the day touring this city. When you are on a guided tour, you need not worry about losing your way or not knowing much about the place you are in. there are many places to see on your route to this city.
  • Bay Day Cruise – Take a sail boat and go past the limestone formations, up close. If you want more privacy, so that you can enjoy the surrounding, at your own pace, you can hire a private vehicle too.

There are many more such beautiful places in Vietnam, waiting to be discovered. When you plan on a trip to this country and are starting from the US, ensure you have a US citizen Vietnam visa, so that you are not stopped or questioned in this country.