Boston memories!


We all have had memories that revisit every once in a while. Photos are the sole reasons for it. Similarly, every monument or place has its own memory and it’s been revisited by its fans who crave to see it live long.

One such place and memory are the Fenway Park, which has been there since 1912 and has the charm even till date. There are many places in Boston, which can be mesmerising than this one.

But, to the wonder, many people love sitting here and exploring the art piece, even though if they don’t love the game. Nobody comes out of Fenway Park without few random or aimed clicks.

Though there are many renovations works under progress, nobody shuns down this piece of artwork, which is majestically stood at the heart of the location. The park has seen many games and events, but many people come to watch games only because the place is Fenway!

There are many amazing photos from the Fenway Park, which stands huge, boasting its huge capacity amidst such beautiful city. It not only talks about the love for sports among the localities, but the love for monuments and historically significant places have respect among the public.

The evening lights, the match that runs with all tensions, the night light that fills the stadium to near exhausted and the players whose sweat shine like pearls even in the dusk. Fenway Park has the charm and glory that will never wade away. All you need is a wide angle lens and telephoto, to cover the image well and the quality to be good.

You can visit Fenway during events and game matches. For some photoshoot session, you may visit at any time around the year, as the park is open all around, for the most happening events and games.


Get A Vietnam Visa Today

Vietnam is a beautiful country that has beauty in abundance. There are many places a tourist can see and enjoy. Here is a list of the top attractions one must not miss while visiting Vietnam. If you are travelling from the US, ensure you have a valid US citizen Vietnam visa and then get on that plane.

Places To Visit

  • Phong Nha And Tien Son Caves

This is a world heritage site and can simply not be missed. Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to this natural beauty.

  • Ho Chi Minh

This city is simply beautiful and one must take a tour of this beautiful little place. Check out the Cu Chi tunnels, which are famous for their underground network or travel channels that were built by the Vietnam army. When you go to visit this tunnel, there are many other attractions around too. Once you are back to broad daylight, you can see many other attractions on your route to the tunnels. Notre Dame Cathedral is world famous and you are bound to see more tourists than locals, in this church at all times.

  • Hanoi – One of the most beautiful cities in this country can be explored to your heart’s content when you spend the day touring this city. When you are on a guided tour, you need not worry about losing your way or not knowing much about the place you are in. there are many places to see on your route to this city.
  • Bay Day Cruise – Take a sail boat and go past the limestone formations, up close. If you want more privacy, so that you can enjoy the surrounding, at your own pace, you can hire a private vehicle too.

There are many more such beautiful places in Vietnam, waiting to be discovered. When you plan on a trip to this country and are starting from the US, ensure you have a US citizen Vietnam visa, so that you are not stopped or questioned in this country.


Steps To Start A Successful Limo Service

If one organises perfect execution and resources, commencing a limo service in any part of the world can be highly beneficial and prosperous. There are plenty of organisations and individuals who look forward to hiring limos for every kind of professional or personal use. The affording capacity of people has gone up at such a level that renting out limo for a few hours is no big deal today. Client visits to weddings; most of the people can easily ask for a limo service and offer the expected payment without a second thought. This is why this industry has started to grow at an unprecedented level.

Guide to begin your own limo service

So, in case you have made up your mind to enter this industry and start your own limo business, you have certainly landed at the right place. Here are a few steps that you must follow to commence a fruitful limo service.

  • Lease out or buy a limo: The first step, obviously, is to have a limo. You can buy it or take it on rent. If you are just starting the business, then you should plan to take it on rent and later buy one for your business.

  • Licenses and permits: You will have to apply for several permits and licenses to begin this service. Find out the city government rules to run this kind of a business and adhere to the guidelines mentioned by them.

  • Market your business. It is really important for you to start marketing your upcoming business and letting people know about your limo service. Meet people in the same industry and take leads from them on how to start and attract potential clients. Also, make sure you have an official website as well as business cards.

  • Sorting parking area: Ensure to have a safe parking area to park the limo. As it’s a huge and expensive vehicle, it can’t be parked anywhere randomly. You will have to be very careful so that its look doesn’t get hampered due to poor parking space.

If you follow such instructions, this limo service will definitely turn out to be a great boon for you.

Climbing Tree Stands For Hunting

A hunting day can be as effective and exciting as the efficiency of the hunting gear, of which, a tree stand is perhaps one of the most important accessories. For a hunter to achieve his objective, it is important that he has the most suitable equipment with him at the correct time and apt placement.

The spot from where a hunter can scan and hunt is of great value and choosing the right spot with the help of a climbing tree stand can work beneficially for the best hunting experiences. One may have the latest shooting equipment suitable for hunting, but if the positioning and the spot from where you take the shot are what will determine the effectiveness of your expedition.

The best climbing tree stand is one that helps a hunter to stay camouflaged while taking advantage of the height. It allows the hunter to perch on a spot from which he can scan a vast area and wait for the game to move towards him without being spotted by the animals or making them wary.

A good climbing tree stand usually comes in the mid-price range. Go in for a stand that can hold your weight ie., always check what is the maximum weight limit before purchase. Check for the build-quality and construction material. It is best if the stand stays discreet without attracting unwanted attention and also is convenient to hold your shooting equipment.

There are stands that give good back and arm support and because they will be used for longer periods, check for the durability and warranty, guarantee covers that come with it. For the climbing tree stand to last, it is essential to maintain and clean the stand very well. It needs to stored safe and dry for it to be long lasting.


A Little About The Magical Potion, Coffee

We know and have seen coffee in the form of beans and powder only but they are actually trees like any other plants and it is the fruit of the coffee plant that shields the tasty coffee bean inside it. And it is of these cherry red coffee fruit that we get the differently flavored coffee bean. The coffee tree is a tropical plant that generally is a shrub and is most commonly grown in countries close to the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. This is because they need to grow under controlled temperatures which are generally between 15 to 30 degrees and the above specified special spots are the ones with this ideal temperature range.

The major two types of coffee that give us the different flavors are the Arabica and Robusta. Generally, the cherries of these varieties are hand-picked by the harvesters since the use of machinery in mountainous areas is a little tricky. These coffee plants are regularly checked and inspected to gauge the growth and only after they ripen well, are the cherries hand-picked by the people. And it is only these ripe ones that can give us the right flavor of coffee. Generally, coffee is harvested in two ways – Strip picked, wherein all the cherries are detached from the plant and selective pick, wherein only the mellow ones are picked. In any which way, the taste never differs and continues to rejoice our tongues with the exact flavor.

UK is one very famous country that is well known for the different varieties they offer their customers. There are many coffee suppliers in this country and a few are specialized in a particular variety. So if you are a die-hard fan of one of these types, you are sure to quench your thirst for the best flavors in the world by visiting this coffee supplier in the UK.

Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation in Thailand

I love to travel, who doesn’t? With all the new experiences, you’re only ever going to grow exponentially. One of my favourite places to travel too is Thailand. My wife and I have been there six times over the last ten years and we’re planning on going back very shortly.

After half a dozen visits, we’ve got to be pretty savvy with how to find accommodation out there. Whether it’s through local travel agents in our home town or through actually being in Thailand and getting to know the best places to be from the locals.

Truly though, the best booking tool I’ve ever used is trivago. I found accommodation here for my last holiday and will use them again and again. I only regret that we didn’t find them sooner. The user face is simple to use and works as you’d expect it would. You can easily see prices and set a search radius as well as setting dates.

One of my favourite features of the website though is that you can book flights through them too. But it won’t just show you the dates of the days you’ve picked, but days either side of it too. Meaning that, if you are flexible with the dates, you can pick the cheapest days to fly. All without having to re-enter any information.

The reviews are also a great feature of the site, and perhaps one of the most important. They allow you to see what real people have got to say about the place you want to book. Not just some fancy sales script from a travel agent trying to get their commision. But real people, who have been there and experienced what it is that you’re about to experience.

They are usually the best way to understand what it is that you’re about to buy, whether it’s a book, or a luxury villa, you should always read the reviews.

How to Keep Your Cat Happy While on a Road Trip

When traveling, you must make the decision on whether to leave your cat behind with a sitter or take it along with you on your road trip. When you leave your pet home, it will feel lonely and miss you while you are gone. Also, don’t forget how expensive it will be to have a sitter keep your pet the entire time you are gone. Although taking your pet along with you on your trip seems like a bad idea because of the stress that will go on the pet while traveling the long distance, there are some ways to reduce this stress and make this a viable option for you.

A popular way to take your cat along with you while traveling is to use a carrier bag. A carrier bag is a popular idea because most of the high-quality products aren’t that expensive, but rather budget friendly, and have features that makes keeping your pet satisfied easier. Some cat carriers are equipped with litter mats, so that whatever your cat releases while you are traveling will be absorbed by the mat and won’t affect the rug or mat on your car. These carriers are also equipped with air vents, so that your pet can breathe easily without the need for you to assist.

Also, cat carriers are usually compact in size, making it easier for you to store your pet in a safe location that doesn’t have enough space to move the carrier around while moving and will make your pet feel safer. As cats are shy animals by nature, they will feel safer in tighter and compact locations rather than being out in the open in the car or being hugged by you while moving. To sum it up, we recommend that you use a cat carrier while travelling, as it will allow you to reduce expenses by not hiring a cat sitter and keep your cat happy by staying with you and by staying in a comfortable carrier bag.